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We’ll be adding some new summer jazz programs this month.

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You’ll also get a chance to see how your level of proficiency stacks up against those you’ll be competing with for music school acceptances when it comes time to audition in your senior year.

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I don’t want to become a record producer. More…

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How to play the piano without getting hurt. More…

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Release the finger and repeat, this time pressing the key down very slightly further. Feel the sudden resistance at roughly two thirds down. It is this resistance that must be overcome in order to make the note “speak. ”Born in Hong Kong, he began studying piano at the age of seven and completed his Bachelor Degree of Classical Music Performance, Piano Major at Australian Institute of Music where he worked under the guidance of Prof. Wojciech Wisniewski. He is currently studying Master Degree of Teaching Secondary, Music Methods at University of New South Wales, investigating different educational theories and practices in music teaching.

Check out our article “Planning to Major in Jazz” for more about going to school for jazz and stay tuned to a new article about careers in jazz, coming soon.

However, when you take your own lessons, you will have to focus on how to read piano music.

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